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About WALK

About WALK

The UN calls it a crisis,
First Nations people call for justice…..
5 people walk across the country to find it

They walk across the country to raise awareness for the more than 1200 murdered and missing Indigenous women in Canada. Every First Nation family is affected by this ongoing tragedy and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have no answers.

WALK follows these five First Nations people on the final leg of their journey on the Highway of Tears. They fight for justice… for their lost loved ones and for future generations of their people.

Gladys Radek’s niece Tamara, was last seen along Highway #16 outside Prince George 9 years ago. Like so many others, her body has never been found. Radek is the organizer and leads the group as they make their way along lonely highways in an old van covered with pictures of the missing & murdered. They share their heartbreaking stories along the way, speaking with anyone who will listen while at the same time struggling to come to terms with their loss.

From a former sex worker who recounts the terrifying violence she suffered, to a young aboriginal man who escaped sex slavery, to an 80-year old grandmother who witnessed first-hand the toll violence has had on her community; each with their own story, each with their own pain, each with their own reason to walk.

Set against the backdrop of some of British Columbia’s most spectacular scenery WALK highlights an ugly truth in Canada, one that this small group is fighting to change……..one step at a time.

Director: Robert Colbourne

Producer: Robert Colbourne

Executive Producer: Lawrence Black

Story Producer & Narrator: Andrea Menard

Cinematography: Robert Colbourne, Adam Buhler

Editor: Derek Whelen

Lighting: Adam Buhler

Production Coordinator: Jessica Hinz

Music Composer: Stu Goldberg

Sound Design: Christian Beard

Colour Correction: Dermont Shane

Graphic design/web: Karl Partington



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    WALK is produced by Diamondhead Films. We’re based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and produce a mix of commercial work, documentaries and feature films. Visit our website at diamondheadfilms.com

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